The First Product - ROUTIE

ROUTIE is the very first incarnation of the Digital Super-Twin and the first software product being developed by Continuum Industries.

ROUTIE is an automated route and alignment planner for rail, road and hyperloop lines. It combines geospatial data including elevation & land use with design rule sets to generate the most optimal design options.


The algorithm generates thousands of design options and allows engineers to explore a wide range of designs within minutes.

—> With ROUTIE it takes minutes, not months to modify transport system’s specification and present new design options.

—> ROUTIE can get any transport project from inception to business case much faster.

—> ROUTIE increases confidence in the design thanks to data centric approach.

—> Thanks to built-in automation, ROUTIE enables small and nimble teams to punch above their weight and work on much larger design projects than using conventional methods.

—> ROUTIE automatically generates quantitative reports for Environmental Impact Assessment


Do you design and evaluate feasibility of new rail, highway or hyperloop lines?

We are doing private BETA testing and would love to talk! Drop us an email at

How we are building ROUTIE


Socio-economic data is connected to electrical and mechanical simulation.


Complex data analytics, evolutionary algorithms and machine learning form the basis of the model.


ROUTIE is powered by cloud-based computing resources.


Diverse team of engineers, physicists, programmers and economists with support of industry and academia.