About Us

At Continuum Industries we are building software tools to model, simulate and optimise a hyperloop system for different needs.

Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system that can carry passengers or cargo in autonomous, bus-sized vehicles known as pods. It works by moving the pods within a network of low-pressure tubes to minimise aerodynamic drag, allowing the pods to travel at speeds of around 1000kph.

The complicated bit is integrating each of the different sub-systems together to deliver the most cost-effective and high performance system. Our software will help to reduce the technology’s development times, costs and support its implementation.


Our Vision

We believe that transport infrastructure deserves innovative approaches that embrace all of these areas from day one:


Integrated data gathering and top-level decision-making process for technology development and project implementation.

Complete understanding of relationships between system infrastructure, vehicles, the end-users and the resulting economics.


Readily available tools and capabilities to modify or integrate new sub-systems to meet different technology or user needs.


PODDIE: The digital super-twin

PODDIE is at the core of what we are creating at Continuum Industries.

PODDIE is a digital, parametric model of a hyperloop system that provides a complete understanding of the complex relationships that affect the system’s performance, its benefits and its costs.

PODDIE allows us to generate a range of optimal solutions for any combination of objectives for a hyperloop system: cost, capacity, energy consumption, journey time, economic benefits.


PODDIE enables optimisation of decision making for thousands of variables on levels from electrical sub-systems, to infrastructure and wider economic benefits.


More than asset monitoring & management – PODDIE is live at every stage of project lifecycle.


PODDIE improves speed of design, development and decision making by orders of magnitude.


Combines the best of human and digital intelligence to produce optimised results based in critical and creative thinking.


How we are building PODDIE


Socio-economic data is connected to electrical and mechanical simulation.


Complex data analytics, genetic algorithms and machine learning form the basis of the model.


PODDIE is powered by cloud-based supercomputing resources.


Diverse team of engineers, physicists, programmers and economists with support of industry and academia.



In the long term, use of PODDIE will benefit stakeholders across the entire life cycle of technology development and project implementation:

Project Promoters / End Clients
Consultants & Designers
System Integrators & Supply Chain
System Operators

Drop us a message at grzegorz@continuum.industries if you are in one of the groups above and we will make sure that PODDIE works wonders for you. We are currently seeking to mainly work with Engineering Consultants and System Integrators to better tailor our product to their needs.