Our Vision

Building this website was easy and virtually nothing could have gone wrong. Transportation systems are the exact opposite - they are more akin to complex jigsaws where countless factors influence the performance and every small change of design can ripple through the whole system like a tsunami. And yet we pretend that humans can solve this big data problem manually…

Humanity can do better and this is why at Continuum Industries we are developing software tools to automate and optimise design of transport systems by bringing modern data processing technology to an old fashioned infrastructure industry.


The digital super-twin

The Digital Super-Twin is at the core of what we are creating at Continuum Industries.

It is a digital, parametric model of a transport system that provides a complete understanding of the complex relationships that affect the system’s performance, its benefits and its costs.

The Digital Super-Twin allows the user to generate a range of optimal design solutions for any combination of performance objectives for a transport system: cost, capacity, energy consumption, journey time, economic benefits.


The Digital Super-Twin enables optimisation of decision making for thousands of variables on levels from electrical sub-systems, to infrastructure and wider economic benefits.


More than asset monitoring & management – The Digital Super-Twin comes before an asset is built and is live at every stage of system’s lifecycle.


The Digital Super-Twin improves speed of design, development and decision making by orders of magnitude.


Combines the best of human and digital intelligence to produce optimised results based in critical and creative thinking.


Do you design and evaluate feasibility of new rail, highway or hyperloop lines?

Do you dare to become an early adopter and get more efficient with our automated design software?

Do you want to help us test and shape the software’s future development to better suit your needs?

We’d love to talk! Drop us an email at grzegorz@continuum.industries